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Meaningful Conversations Cards

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Mom and Dad, are you tired of your teen or preteen rolling his or her eyes, talking back, or fighting with siblings? Are you tired of feeling like all you do every day is nag, remind and lecture your kids?

We feel you, because we've been there too. But research shows that if we can get our kids to open up and talk to us about things they're interested in, these problems can actually go away on their own.

In fact, family conversation has been linked to:

  • An increase is confidence and improved emotional intelligence
  • Improved academic performance
  • Reduction in risky behavior

Which is why we created our Meaningful Conversations cards. Each card features a story from a celebrity, influencer or even location and includes a relevant question to start a fun and meaningful conversation. (The kind where your kids stay at the dinner table long after the meal is over!)

And to make it easy to impart the valuable life lessons that go with these stories, we're including an 18-page PDF with talking points just for you, mom and dad.

And when you're a part of our VIP Club, you'll receive a new deck of cards with talking points monthly for just $9.95 (34% off the regular price). Imagine, 18 meaningful conversations mailed straight to your door every month (and none of them are going to get you a shrug or eye-roll, guaranteed)! 

  • Ideal for family dinner, road trips, air travel, or trips to school
  • Includes 18 cards + an 18-page PDF to make these conversations SIMPLE
  • Appropriate for grades 3 and up

As seen on The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Psychology Today, Today's Parent and the Huffington Post.